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Alberto Bocini – Double Bass

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15 - 18 May 2024
3 April 2024


Double Bass today: repertoire and reflections between historicity and multi-contemporaneity

Study of the traditional repertoire and its established techniques; hypothesis of paths through the multi-contemporary music.

The programme includes two meetings – 15-18 May and 7-10 July – during which the actual students will have the opportunity to explore various areas of the repertoire.

The second meeting will focus on the preparation of a double bass ensemble project that will be presented at the Stauffer Summer Music Festival on 10 July.


The course is open to double bassists of any nationality, maximum age of 30 years.

It is open to both Stauffer Academy students and external students.

Level of training:

Bachelor or Master Degree / Diploma issued by a Music Conservatory or equivalent school/institution in Italy or abroad.

Exceptions to the above requirements may be allowed, in the presence of exceptional artistic and performing qualities, at the discretion of the Professor.

Language: Italian and English.


Please apply online, by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

The following documents should be attached to the application form:

  • Copy of a valid identity document
  • Curriculum vitae and any repertoire already studied

Registration fee

Payment of a registration fee of €55.00 through the Stripe platform, which must be paid through the application form, is required.

The fee is non-refundable.

Students enrolled in Stauffer Academy Annual Courses are exempt from payment.


The admission exam consists of a video audition. The candidate must create a private link to a YouTube video, specifying in the description the program performed.
On this page you can find all the directions for making a video that meets all the requirements.


Two pieces or two movements of different styles, one of which written after 1980.

Selection is at the sole discretion of the Professor and Academic Director.
Applicants will receive the results of the selections at the e-mail address provided during registration.


No tuition fee is required to attend the course.

Students will take charge of all other costs related to travel, board and lodging in Cremona.


Auditors may be admitted at the discretion of the Professor and the Director of the Academy.

Application for auditor attendance can be submitted through this link.

For any information regarding enrollment and/or the Academy’s study programs, please write to (subject line: Course Name | Last Name, for more efficient handling of inquiries).

Download academic regulations