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3 October 2023 - 9 May 2024
26 September 2023


The High Specialization Course – Stauffer Artist Programme in Viola and Chamber Music of the Stauffer Academy is an annual programme of advanced professional training for young musicians with exceptional artistic qualities.

Professor: Bruno Giuranna.

Admission exam in presence: 10 October 2023

The course is enriched with two extraordinary master classes, dedicated to chamber music with piano, held by two of Italy’s most accomplished pianists, Bruno Canino and Enrico Pace.

These master classes are an integral part of the annual violin, viola and cello courses and are therefore intended exclusively for the effective students of that course.

Course duration: from October 2023 to May 2024, with intensive sessions of 3 days per month.

The course provides for the possibility of re-enrolment in a new academic year, at the discretion of the Professor.

Lesson Schedule:

25-27 October 2023

28-30 November 2023

19-21 December 2023

24-26 January 2024

5-7 March 2024

9-11 April 2024

7-9 May 2024

3-5 June 2024


The course is open to citizens of any nationality, aged up to 30 years (for new enrolments).

Level of training:

Bachelor or Master Degree / Diploma issued by a Music Conservatory or equivalent school / institution in Italy or abroad.

Exceptions to the above requirements may be allowed, in the presence of exceptional artistic and performing qualities, at the discretion of the teaching commission.

Language: Italian and English


Application deadline: 23:59 CET on 26 September 2023.

Application procedure:

Applications must be made exclusively by filling in the form available in the “Apply” section, by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Applications sent by e-mail or through different channels will not be accepted.

The following documents must be attached to the application form:

  • Copy of a valid identity document
  • Copy of the Degree, if any. Self-certification of studies may also be considered valid
  • Curriculum vitae and any repertoire already studied
  • Admission examination programme
  • Receipt of payment of administrative fees

Administrative fees:

In order to finalise the application, payment of a fixed secretarial fee of €50.00 (net of any currency and commission charges) by bank transfer is required. All payment details can be found in the full application rules (downloadable below).

The fee is non-refundable.


The admission exam will be held in person on 10 October 2023 starting at 10.00 a.m. in Cremona, at Palazzo Stauffer (via San Martino, 6).


  • J.S. Bach: a Suite of your choice (BWV 1007-1012). Downloadable revision from is required.
  • P. Rode: two caprices of your choice from the 24 Capricci op. 22
  • A sonata or piece for viola and piano. For the two Brahms Sonatas op. 120 the version downloadable from is required.
  • A concerto or piece for viola and orchestra

The admission programme for chamber ensembles consist of two complete repertoire works.

The Professor may request the candidate to perform the entire programme or part of it.

The selection is at the unquestionable discretion of the Professor.

Candidates will receive the results of the selection at the e-mail address indicated during registration.


Accompanying pianists

The Stauffer Academy provides an accompanying pianist during the admission exam. It is not possible to rehearse with the pianist before the exam.

Should the candidate wish to be accompanied by his/her own pianist, his/her name must be notified by e-mail to, enclosing a copy of his/her identity document.


The course is completely free of charge.

Costs relating to travel, board and lodging in Cremona and other personal expenses are the responsibility of the students themselves.


At the end of the course, students can renew their enrolment for a new academic year by submitting a request through the “apply” section (as if it were a new enrolment) and paying the secretarial fee.

At the end of the admission exams, the Professor will decide at his sole discretion which students to readmit.

Students who apply for readmission are exempt from the selection examinations. Any exceptions will be notified by the Professor.

A certificate of attendance is issued at the end of the programme.


The course may be attended by a limited number of auditors, who will be admitted at the sole discretion of the Professor and the Academic Direction.

For any information regarding application and/or the Academy’s study programmes, please write to (specifying the name of the course you are applying for in the subject of the e-mail, for more efficient handling of requests).

Download academic regulations


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