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Video Audition Requirements


Auditions will be by video recording only (no audio recordings accepted). Auditions dates, repertoire and requirements vary by program, check your course page for more information about it. Accademia Stauffer is unable to honor requests for changes in the scheduled audition dates. Applicants who wish to apply for more than one course must create audition material and gain admission to each course separately. Please read all through the following information before making and submitting the video.

  • You may pause between and record each work/movement separately, but each movement/piece should be one uninterrupted recording.
  • All the movements/pieces should be uploaded in ONE digital file.
  • Performing from memory is encouraged but not mandatory (if not specified otherwise).
  • Recordings must have been made within the past 6 months. Substitutions or exceptions of the audition repertoire are not permitted. The completeness and thoughtfulness of the audition repertoire submitted with the online application is a factor in the decision whether to invite a candidate to attend the course.


  • If you have access to an external microphone, this will likely improve your sound quality. Some test recording will help you find the right microphone placement and audio settings.
  • Record in a space with minimal noise bleed from surrounding spaces. Be aware of ambient noise and try to minimize it. No need to get studio-quality recording, but possibly in stereo. You can do this in your homes with the equipment you have, and still have great quality. Do your best and use some trial and error to find the right setup so you sound your best.
  • The audio needs to respect your performance and quality. No extra reverb or edits are admitted and necessary.


  • Use a well-lit space and for best results, put the camera between the primary light source (lamps, window etc.) and you. Bright lighting behind you will result in the video being too dark for the committee to see details and must be avoided.
  • Place the camera at body or chest height. The video should be straight on. Be sure you are in the center of the frame.
  • Video should be set horizontal in order to have your hands and face visible at all times and tap the screen to focus.
  • Position music stand (if used) so it does not block the shot.
  • Do not use zoom function as this make a lower quality image.


  • The title should be Name LastName – Course Title

Ex. Franco Bianchi – High Specialization Course in Violin

  • The Description should contain the exact time in the video for all the movements/pieces (composer, title, movement).


00:00 J.S. Bach, Sonata No. 2, Adagio

01:15 W.A. Mozart, Concerto n. 3 in G Major, Allegro

03:20 Tchaikovsky, Symphony N. 6, mvt. III

  • Visibility: Ensure your sharing settings are correct before submitting your link on the online application. The video must be uploaded on YouTube as UNLISTED under visibility. That means that only people with the link will be able to watch it.
  • You will submit the YouTube link on the online application. Please test your video before submitting it.


Please reach out to a member of the admission team at with any question or clarification you may need after reading this content.