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12 – 16 JULY 2023, 9:00 PM



The Stauffer Foundation presents the the new edition of the Stauffer Summer Music Festival, designed to offer an immersion into a variety of music cultures from all over the world. A cycle of five concerts, completely free of charge, will take place from 12 to 16 July in the Garden of Palazzo Stauffer.

The protagonists will be the students of the Academy and the summer masterclasses, who will perform together with their professors. For the public, the evenings will present a unique and precious occasion to delve into extraordinary musical dimensions, and to approach unusual sound languages in an intimate and evocative environment.

For the first time, Pablo Ziegler, a living legend of Argentinian tango, and Abel Selaocoe, a multifaceted South African cellist and composer who moves through different genres and styles, will perform in the enchanting garden of the Academy. Aleksey Igudesman, a violinist and composer famous for his synthetic and theatrical approach to art music, will make his second appearance at the Festival. The acclaimed musicians will join the students of the Accademia Stauffer on stage.

This year the Festival will present two recitals of renowned ex-students of the Accademia Stauffer: the violist Daniel Palmizio and the violinist Anna Tifu, who have already established themselves as internationally renowned soloists.

Alongside the students and the Stauffer professors, the Festival will host the World Youth Orchestra, the ensemble in residency conducted by Damiano Giuranna.


The participation is free of charge upon reservation: click HERE to book.


Wednesday 12 July, 9:00 pm


The first concert, dedicated to the viola repertoire, presents an exquisite program that encompasses three centuries of music history: from Bach and Paganini to Casadesus, Respighi and Kodaly. The protagonist is Daniel Palmizio, an ex-student of Maestro Bruno Giuranna at the Accademia Stauffer and one of the most esteemed violists of his generation. The brilliant musician will play alongside the musicians of the World Youth Orchestra.








Thursday 13 July, 9:00 pm


Abel Selaocoe and the students of his masterclass will take the public on a musical journey between folklore and contemporaneity, through academic and ethnic cultures. The charisma and the emotional power that characterize Selaocoe’s performances will blend into a unique and unexpected musical experience, through the colors of the strings, the voice and the percussive rhythms, typical of his sound universe.







Friday 14 July, 9:00 pm


The program of 14 July presents the virtuosity of the 19th and the 20th centuries in all its subtle nuances: from Schumann and Sarasate to Ravel . The violinist Anna Tifu, a former student of Maestro Salvatore Accardo and now soloist of many of the most important orchestras of the world, will be accompanied by Giuseppe Andaloro, a multi-award-winning pianist of wide international acclaim.








Saturday 15 July, 9:00 pm


The protagonist of the fourth recital will be Aleksey Igudesman, an international star of the violin, famous for his prodigious technique and for the energy he conveys from the stage. His unique and unrepeatable approach is aimed at mixing sound languages with theatrical practices and spectacularizing musical performance, allowing the instrumentalists to collaborate in an intimate and relaxed environment. He will be on stage with the students of his exciting course “Strings of the World” and the artists of the World Youth Orchestra.







Sunday 16 July, 9:00 pm


The final concert will feature Pablo Ziegler, a legendary exponent of Tango Nuevo and pianist of Astor Piazzolla. In ensemble with the Stauffer students and the World Youth Orchestra, Ziegler will present, among other things, the “Seasons of Tango” by Astor Piazzolla, the fascinating chamber cycle which depicts, through the rhythms of the tango, the sound images of the seasons of the year.