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The Center was born inside Palazzo Stauffer, formerly Palazzo Stradiotti, a historic building in the center of Cremona, acquired by the Stauffer Foundation in 2015 with the aim of becoming the new home of the Stauffer Academy.

The building, divided into three levels with a total area of ​​over 2000 square meters, is a significant example of Cremonese late 19th century architecture, characterized by a neoclassical facade. The main structure of the building dates back to the sixteenth century.

The Palace, arranged in a horseshoe around the courtyard, overlooks a romantic English garden with a coffee-house and an octagonal temple, located on an artificial hill.

Through an extraordinary process of urban regeneration, thanks to important recovery and restoration works by architects Lamberto Rossi Associati, after fifty years of abandonment, in 2021 the Palazzo was returned to the city of Cremona as a multifunctionalhighly technological and sustainable campuscompletely plastic-free, designed to ensure the best containment of consumption and maximum environmental comfort.

With a total of over twenty study rooms and classrooms, each room has been configured to ensure the best acoustics, through the installation of wooden wings with different degrees of sound absorption or reverberation.

The exclusive interior design project conceived and signed by Pininfarina Architecture embellishes the interior spaces of the Center. With the desire to reconcile beauty, technology and impact, Pininfarina intended to respect the stylistic peculiarities of the historic building, reinterpreting them to breathe new life into the complex, bringing it into a contemporary dimension.

The design choices combine functional needs with an aesthetic dimension that recalls the world of string instruments, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort and perceived well-being. The project thus gives shape to environments capable of welcoming and hosting cultural and educational activities, responding to the needs of interactionsocialization and exchange of the young and extraordinary talents who will inhabit the spaces of the Center.

The first international music center entirely dedicated to string instruments

The first and only one All-Steinway School in Italy

An ambitious educational project to support future generations of musicians