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From 2021, the headquarters of the Stauffer Academy is located at Palazzo Stauffer, formerly Palazzo Stradiotti, a historic building in the centre of Cremona, acquired by the Stauffer Foundation in 2015. A significant example of late 19th century Cremonese architecture, it is characterized by a neoclassical façade, while the main structure of the building dates back to the sixteenth century.

After fifty years of neglect, thanks to an extraordinary work of recovery and restoration by architects Lamberto Rossi Associati, the Palazzo was returned to the city of Cremona as a multifunctional centre.

Palazzo Stauffer houses a concert hall (Sala Stradivari), study and rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, common spaces for socializing, and a romantic-style garden which in the Summer is open to citizens for encounters and concerts. Every internal space has been configured to ensure the best acoustic comfort, through the installation of wooden wings with different degrees of sound absorption or reverberation.

An exclusive interior design project conceived and signed by Pininfarina Architecture decorates the interior spaces of Palazzo Stauffer. Aiming at reconciling beauty with functionality, tradition with technology, Pininfarina has intended to respect the stylistic peculiarities of the historic building, reinterpreting them to bring the complex to a new life in the contemporary dimension.

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