Maestros Bruno Giuranna and Franco Petracchi Honorary Citizens of Cremona

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On Monday, December 18, the Maestros Bruno Giuranna and Franco Petracchi were named honorary citizens of Cremona. The ceremony of conferring the highest civic award in the impressive Sala della Consulta of the City Hall surely was a moment of great importance and recognition for their extraordinary careers and impact in the world of music.

During the ceremony, two musical interludes were performed in tribute to the two Maestros by two students: Teresa Valenza, a student of M° Guiranna’s viola class, performed the first and second movements of Paul Hindemith’s Sonata Op. 25 No. 1; Fabrizio Buzzi, a student of M° Petracchi’s double bass class, played the Prelude from J. S. Bach’s Suite No. 2 in D minor.

Together with M° Salvatore Accardo and the late M° Rocco Filippini, Giuranna and Petracchi generously accepted M° Andrea Mosconi’s invitation, creating the prestigious Stauffer Academy in 1985. They have contributed, in the 38 years that have followed, to training more than 500 students from all over the world who have had the opportunity to access advanced courses free of charge and in unique and innovative ways.

Their dedication and contribution to establishing the Stauffer Academy and their significant role as world-renowned artists and devoted mentors undoubtedly make them points of reference for new generations of musicians.

The two Maestros are examples of how commitment, passion and generosity can positively influence and shape the lives of young musicians. Their testimony as world-class artists and passionate teachers is a source of inspiration to all those who aspire to a similar level of excellence and dedication in the field of music.


Maestros Bruno Giuranna and Franco Petracchi


Former Stauffer Foundation President Paolo Salvelli, Maestro Franco Petracchi, Stauffer Academy Director Angelica Suanno, Maestro Bruno Giuranna, Stauffer Foundation President Alessandro Tantardini and Stauffer Foundation Secretary General Stefano Raffo


Maestro Bruno Giuranna and Mayor of Cremona Gianluca Galimberti


Maestro Franco Petracchi and Mayor Gianluca Galimberti