The courses of the 2023-24 academic year have begun

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The Stauffer Academy is announcing the opening of the new academic year, with an educational offer featuring a rich variety of activities and projects aimed at young and promising string musicians.
Auditions will be held in October for the High Specialisation Courses, led by Maestros Salvatore Accardo, Bruno Giuranna, Antonio Meneses and Franco Petracchi. The students admitted to the Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and the Quartetto di Cremona classes will begin their educational path that will extend until June 2024.
The Stauffer Academy is about to start the Concertmaster Artist Programme, dedicated to the preparation of future Lead Orchestra Violins, with Lisa Schatzman who will hold the first session of lessons. Moreover, the celebrated cellist Sol Gabetta will meet the Stauffer students at the end of October, inaugurating an extensive series of masterclasses and laboratories: all the detailed information will be published soon on the website and communicated via the social media and the newsletters.