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As of this academic year, we have begun a collaboration with SAE, a global leader in creative media training and for more than 40 years dedicated to developing students’ creativity by providing innovative practical skills and conveying awareness of how the industry works.

The project includes an innovative training program exclusively for SAE and Stauffer students, with the goal of bringing the SAE Professors of music production face to face with young musicians, in order to educate a new generation of professionals who are aware of the potential of new technologies.

This joint workshop of SAE Institute and Stauffer Center for Strings takes place within the context of the Stauffer Labs, new creative departments designed to span the music education and profession in a comprehensive way. Through a strongly interdisciplinary approach and through the establishment of a series of exclusive partnerships, the Labs programs foster the presence at Stauffer of composers, luthiers, researchers, managers and industry experts.

The Music Production Lab will be held in January 2023 at the Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona and is a unique opportunity to approach the field of music production in the classical field. The Lab will include lectures by SAE professors, aimed at offering a critical and reasoned perspective on the peculiarities of string instruments in the recording studio, as well as a series of practical exercises in which young producers and instrumentalists will be able to make together, in an atmosphere of mutual exchange of information and knowledge, real professional recordings, a fundamental step in the career of every musician.

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