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We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration with one of the most important international music festivals, the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück!  This summer we will host the Morgenland Campus 2022 at the Stauffer Center for Strings in Cremona, Italy, from 11 to 16 July.

Morgenland Campus 2022 is a week-long programme open to young string players from all over the world, an opportunity to work with exceptional musicians and learn about the specificities of Arabic and Oriental music. 

Joining forces with the Morgenland Festival gives the Stauffer Center the opportunity to open a new window on the world, broadening the spectrum of its artistic and educational activities. With this special collaboration, we aim to promote multicultural and intergenerational dialogue, contributing to the growth of an open, participatory and inclusive artistic and social vision. The Morgenland Campus will offer both international artists and young musicians the opportunity to interact on a human, emotional and professional level in a unique environment, inspired by the surrounding cultural heritage and nature, where everyone will be free to express themselves freely and peacefully.

Paolo Petrocelli, Director General Stauffer Center for Strings

The main goal of the campus is for the participants to meet not only on a purely musical level, but above all on a personal level. It will be a place for discussion and integration with ensemble work, lectures, evening jam sessions and a special final concert open to the public.

It is an enormous pleasure and honour to join forces with the Stauffer Centre for Strings in Cremona.

I am convinced that the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück and the Stauffer Centre for Strings will offer unique experiences for young students and music lovers. Both Morgenland and Stauffer stand for an open musical horizon, musical excellence and music as an important factor in the social life of our time.

Cremona and Osnabrück are historic places. Cremona is world famous as the home of Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri. The first peace treaty in the history of mankind was declared in Osnabrück, the Peace of Westphalia. May our two cities be the home of musical bridges, of open-mindedness, love and respect.

Michael Dreyer, Artistic Director Morgenland Festival Osnabrück

Participation in the Morgenland Campus is completely free of charge.

The Morgenland Campus is made possible by the support of the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation.