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The Accademia Stauffer is an ambitious educational project aimed at supporting future generations of musicians. Salvatore Accardo (violin), Bruno Giuranna (viola), Rocco Filippini (cello), Franco Petracchi (double bass) are some of the most respected international Maestros who have contributed in the Academy foundation in 1985.

As a leading academic center for the high-quality education of stringed instrumentalists, the Academy faculty brings together some of the most famous and appreciated Italian and international artists, to guarantee an integrated and varied academic offer. It is based on the excellence of the Italian musical school, together with the best international training experiences.

The Academy offers annual advanced courses held by  Salvatore AccardoBruno GiurannaAntonio MenesesFranco Petracchi and the Quartetto di Cremona. Moreover, it provides an annual professional course for concertmaster held by ten Concertmasters of the leading European orchestras. Masterclasses and residences programs are carried out in collaboration with some of the most prestigious international academic institutions.

All admitted students have access to the courses following a rigorous selection process, based on merits and personal motivation.

The Academy’s alumni includes numerous internationally renowned soloists, established chamber music ensembles, and the first parts of some of the most authoritative orchestral groups.

The most established and appreciated Italian and international artists

The excellence of the great Italian music school and the best international training experiences